Exterior Painting in Winter?

Mid November as I write and around London there are many sites with scaffolding up and decorators working away.

November is often mild enough to paint and it’s often not.

A breezy morning with a little sun and the timber will dry after a damp night. Dry enough to prepare and apply paint.

But a decorator, once on the job has to get on and might be tempted to paint on surfaces that are not-quite-dry during one of those not so breezy mornings.

Yes November painting requires luck and I sincerely wish all those working away outside in our fair city the best of it during this unusual year.

However there are some decorating things you can do in the winter that won’t require luck. Getting in a few quotes for spring work, for example. You’re likely to get a good price too, if you’re offering a decorator an early start in 2021. Beginning of April is a good time to begin external work. Even mid March as the nights become shorter and the days longer again. Ahh.

If you do want something to do, the winter is a good time for inspection and maintenance, stop gaps.

Take advantage of the heavy downpours to get outside with an umbrella and ensure the water is going where it should and not running down your brickwork from leaking joints or overflowing gutters and hoppers.

Get the debris away from walls and make sure the DPC (Damp Proof Course)  is above the garden-soil line.

Clean the window cills.

Of course we do interior decorating throughout the winter and we’re good at Wallpapering.

Sometimes we work through the Christmas break which might work for you if you’re going away

Good luck and hope to see you in the spring or sooner for a quote.


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