Just so you know; we are still working away painting houses in London, because what else can one do but do what one does. But we do a lot of things besides painting. Things like cleaning out gutters while we’re up there, checking on roof slates, checking if the rainwater […]

Summer 2020

Home Decorating Tips
A newly decorated interior can give home owners as much of a new lease of life as the building. If you are getting ready to sell your property, a full interior decoration is really a must, as it can actually increase its value. First impressions really do last, so whether […]

6 Interior Decorating Tips

While painting in north London we inspected the roof and walls for holes and defects. Repair of these keeps out rain and raccoons. We cleaned the mossed and lichened slates too. Moss will drop into gutters and block them. Lichens eat slates. Former windows Dormer windows at high level suffer […]

Roof and wall inspection

I was looking forward to this spring with hope that all the talking and lack of decision lingering around Westminster would be over. Well at least the big decisions done with and we could return to more a varied array of bad news.  Alas, the decisions we were all hoping […]

Painting in Putney and a tree of life.

In many instances the replacement of old sash windows can be a tragedy. Here’s why: The original sash windows are usually constructed of softwood but softwood not like the softwood produced today. The old softwood was slow-grown and properly seasoned. It was then treated by those early twentieth century decorators […]

Replace or Repair? Advice on windows and how to avoid ...

February is not a month to wish away, longing for Spring, it’s a month for preparation,  so when time speeds up, as it’s wont to do with the year’s progression, you are ready. The word ‘prepare’ by the way comes from the Latin ‘praeparare’ meaning -make ready. Another similar use […]

Preparation for Painting and Repairs

Exterior painting is probably the most important part of home maintenance and November (as I write)  is not too early to be thinking about having this work done in the spring. But when painting and particularly if a scaffold is involved it’s a good idea to look at any other […]

London Exterior Painting in Spring

The question is: If Exterior paint is cracking, blistering or peeling should I paint now? And what harm will it do if left over the winter months? And what causes these defects to happen? Ok that’s three questions. The answer to the first question is yes, especially if it’s doing […]

Causes of paint cracking, blistering, or peeling.

If the windows on your property look anything like the double hung sash windows in the picture the cost per window to include preparation and painting in 3 coats would be £130 each. A little less if in good condition and more if really poor condition. The £130 doesn’t include […]

The cost of painting exterior windows

Back in the 80’s we hung a lot of wallpapers-Osborne and Little, Designers Guild, Colefax and Fowler. But my favourite and the more difficult to hang was Coles. Cole and Son’s hand block printed colours were and are fabulous. Sadly I haven’t had a call to hang a Coles paper […]

Paint or Wallpaper

Before I get onto the subject of cleaning paintwork as part of painting preparation I’d just like to make an appeal to cleaners. When mopping floors with soiled water keep away from the white painted  skirtings. You might not have noticed but the build up of mucky water residue on […]

Cleaning Paintwork

Should you be painting in such hot weather as we are having in London this July 2018? The short answer is yes. Just try to paint in the shade. This is better for both paint and painter. The temperature has to get above 32c as in Australia or Spain before […]

Painting in hot weather-yes.

PAINT BLISTERS, BUBBLES, CRACKS AND FLAKING PAINT This article acknowledges the possibility of painters’ shortcomings but deals mainly with the mysteries behind the above. First, the most common causes of PAINT BLISTERS, BUBBLES, CRACKS AND FLAKING:  lack of preparation Moisture and salts below the surface Excessive heat  A combination of 2&3 […]


If your brickwork isn’t painted already, don’t do it. Personally I don’t like the look of painted brick. It has the look of indulgence, like someone just discovered paint and couldn’t stop themselves. Bricks are beautiful if they can be seen.  Most of them are, at least. But there are […]

Painting Bricks. Good or Bad?

I just wanted to say how glad I feel sometimes to have my own property maintenance business. Glad too, to control it’s ups and downs using creativity and bright ideas, and of course,  old proven methods (like promoting to old clients)  to make it rise up and flourish from a […]

What to be