Summer 2020

Just so you know; we are still working away painting houses in London, because what else can one do but do what one does.

And we enjoy it, especially when we have a chance to do something a bit different such as paint a floor in diagonal squares like the picture.

But we do a lot of things besides painting.

Things like cleaning out gutters while we’re up there, checking on roof slates, checking if the rainwater is flowing well, going where it should and not running down the brickwork, blowing out the pointing and finding its way inside.

We look carefully to see if things are well on all parts of the outside and some things done without charge like putting a couple of slates back in position could save you a lot.

Plus we will report on what rot we find in the external woodwork and offer you the choice to have it permanently repaired rather than try and fill big holes with 2-pack filler. This way your windows,  old and new,  stay operational,  keep out the weather and won’t ever need replacing. Yes,  ever.

The system we use is called Repair Care, made with clever Dutch chemistry. If you enjoy a bit of easy technical stuff with lots of pictures look up the product at:

I’ve just looked at the site again now and they have some great new pictures showing repairs done to direly rotted windows. So if you think your windows are bad….take a look at some of these clever resin repairs before deciding on expensive replacement windows

We’ve been using Repair Care since last century and have gathered mountains of valuable experience in its application and what can be achieved with this great product.

Speaking of great products we use the Dulux Weathershield system for exteriors. This is the best paint developed since the banning of the old lead paints. Weathershield is a flexiblepaint, therefore won’t crack with expansion and contraction occurring during temperature and moisture- content, variations in the fabric of the building.

We are also skilled and pleasant to have working indoors and able to hang wallpaper; a skill becoming rare these days. That’s a pity because there are so many lovely wallpapers around and the English are the best at making it, in my humble experienced opinion.

Hope to see you soon.